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Frequently asked questions



Why is the first period prepaid?

As the training is prepaid, the first period must be paid in cash upon registration. The payment covers the remaining days in the current month + next month. If the automatic payment has not come true for the first automatic move, you will receive an invoice in the mail for the next month. This invoice has to be paid, as we do not have the opportunity to charge double at the next due date.


What time of the month is the exercise fee deducted? 

The training fee is paid in advance on the 20th of each month. If this falls on a public holiday or weekend, it will happen on the first business day after this. Unfortunately, we can not have individual dates for charging the fee.


What has happened if I receive an invoice for the first period that would have been deducted automatically from my bank account?

NETS (Payment Card and Information Solutions Provider) uses 6-8 weeks to create a contract invoice, we do not have the power to withdraw funds from your account before this is in place. If we send you receive an invoice in the mail it is because the agreement invoice is not yet finalised. This invoice has to be paid as we do not have the opportunity to charge double at the next due date.


Do I have to renew my automatic invoices after 12 months?

No, the automatic invoices renews automatically one month in time after termination of termination if termination is not signed.


What do I do if I’m going to move while still under contract?

Upon display of a relocation report from the norwegian Folkeregisteret or confirmation from the place of study / employer, the membership contract can be broken. New residential address must be at least 80 km from the nearest 3T center. Membership can only be terminated after a minimum of 6 paying installments.


What do I do if I get sick and can not work out?

Take a doctor’s certificate as soon as possible to prove that you can not train and show this at the reception. If you are under contract, the installments must be paid monthly as agreed. Once the contract time is completed, you will use our services free of charge in accordance with the documented absence before we begin the deductions again. The medical certificate has no retroactive effect. If you have completed the contract time, we will stop the deductions and freeze your membership until you are feeling better. With a cash agreement, membership will be extended in accordance with certificate from doctor.


What do I do if I am called for earning a military service?

The deductions will be postponed until after the military service has been completed. Bring your military notice papers to the reception for logging the period of absence. Remaining contract time will resume automatically after military service is done. With a cash agreement, membership will be extended in accordance with the military service.


What do I do if I’m going to work somewhere else or go to school in another city / country?

Bring documentation for the relocation to a 3T reception so that we can log your absence if you wish to pause the contract. If you are in contract time, the installments must be paid monthly as agreed. Once the contract period is over, you will use our services free of charge as a result of the absence before the deductions start again. For non-binding contract members, the deductions for this period will be stopped.


Can I take a break from the membership, on holidays and such?

We offer dorment membership for up to 2 months per calendar year at reduced price (165, -). The period must be notified at least 30 days in advance. Customers with senior agreements receive up to 4 payment-free months per year.


Can I still exercise during a period of dormed membership?

Yes, but at an additional price of kr. 50 per time. Unfortunately, this does not allow online bookings as membership is frozen. Please contact the reception for booking  classes.


Can I change to another type of memebership during the contract period?

You can notify us of a change of agreement in our reception, but the change will only apply after the completion date of the current agreement.


Can I transfer my membership to another person?

Memberships can be transferred to another person 1 time during the contract period for a fee of 250 kroner. Please visit the reception for transfer of membership, and both you and the new member must be present. The new member can choose a membership according to their qualification. The new member has the option to pay the remaining months in the agreement in cash, or enter into a new agreement contract for 12 months.


How do I register a possible termination of the membership?

There is a one month notice period *. Termination must be made in writing the same month you wish the last installment to be paid. 3T has its own form for termination of membership. This must be signed by you personally at the reception at one of our centers. You will receive a copy of the termination as confirmation. Oral terminations are not accepted. Termination per. mail or e-mail are only approved when you receive confirmation in return. * Subject to contract completion date.


Do I have to be 18 years old to create a contract membership?

Yes, Norwegian law says you must be 18 years to have a contract membership. Parents / guardians must be in charge of the agreement until the age of 18 and must sign the agreement. When you create a contract membership, you are responsible for the contract as agreed. The member must also sign the actual membership contract.






What is a personal trainer (PT)?

Personal training is a form of training where you through the entire training session receive individual follow-up from a personal trainer. A PT will give you expert guidance and correction during your workouts. This will provide more effective training and reduce the risk of injury. A PT can also help you with setting up diet programs and training plans. All members can personal trainers. Time cards for 1, 5, 10 or 30 appointments are available in our receptions.


Can I get help to get started with training in the gym?

Yes, this is included in the membership fee. We offer an a specialized training program for you. The program can be ordered at the reception or by one of our coaches. We recommend everyone to book an hour with a coach. The coach sets up a program according to your wishes and needs, guides you and gives you many tips. All our trainers have approved education and knowledge to give you the best guidance as to what you wish to achieve with your training.


Do you offer physical therapy and other physical treatment?

3T also offers corporate health services, training and healthcare services to the business community, physical treatment, rehabilitation, organized training groups for various diseases / diagnoses and research and development projects. See gammel.3t.no/3t-tilbyr/behandling/ for offers and contact information for ordering time.


What do I wear when I’m going to the gym?

3T wants a healthy and nice environment, and some of the measures cover clothing during training. Paragraph 3.5 of the member contract states:

“For hygienic and environmental reasons, use proper and non-abusive exercise noise, and always wear a towel. 3T invokes the right to point out unsuitable or offensive  clothing. Clean shoes that do not make marks should be used in the fitness center. » Offensive exercise clothing are defined differently for men and women. For men, it is essentially use of singlet tops, for women, the length of the upper or shorts matter.


How do I reserve regular (weekly) use of a Cageball course?

Please contact 3T-Sluppen on phone 932 46 850 or Cageball Rosten on phone 479 33 577. Rent of Cageball lanes is not included in the regular membership. Drop-in games can be booked online, at cageball.no.


How do I see what a class contains?

You will find all relevant information about what the individual classes contains on gammel.3t.no/3T-tilbyr/gruppetrening. A, B and C refer to the coordinate level of the hour. Contact the reception for other questions about content and the like on the group tutorials.


How do I book a game of squash?

You can book squash courses up to 7 days in advance, and up to 1 hour before the game/booking starts. You can simultaneously book 2 pre-ordered half-hours per day and 2 pre-ordered half-hours in total. Please use shoes that dont leave marks on the squash courts. Cancellations must take place no later than 1.5 hours before the squash game/booking starts.


Can I play squash with someone who is not a member?

If you wish to bring a non-member, the non-member must pay a day pass. He / she then has the opportunity to use the entire center, classes and offers.


Can I use magnesium while lifing weights?

The use of magnesium in our premises is not allowed due to the fact that it generates a lot of spills on both floors and rods/weights. (The exception is the crosstraining area in the basement on 3T-Ilsvika, where magnesium is allowed.)






How do I use childcare?

Several 3T centers offer staffed childcare at certain times. Reserve childcare through online booking or by contacting the center you wish to use. Times for childcare can be found on the schedule and on our website.


Is the membership card personal or can it be used by family and friends?

Membership is personal and membership cards can not be shared. Abuse may lead to exclusion from 3T.


Can I train and use all 3T-centers?

Yes, assuming you have not paid local membership fee. (Applicable only to 3T-Orkanger, 3T-Levanger and  3T-Steinkjer.)


Can I visit another gym (another gym chain) as a guest?

You can visit selected gyms around the world as a guest. An overview of these can be found by searching at www.healthclubs.com/passport. As a  guest you need IHRSA Guest Pass. This is provided at the reception at your 3T-center. Contact the gym you wish to train to inquire about the price of guest training. The gym must be at least 8 miles from your local 3T-centre.


Can I swim in Trønderhallen?

In Trønderhallen, 3T members get discounted prices as well. This applies when using 3Ts wardrobes. It is also possible to combine swimming and training in a combined membership for 3T and Trønderhallen. Contact the reception for information on prices and terms.


What is the age limit for membership?

You can become a full-time member of 3T from the age of 16. It is important that the trainer is physically developed and ready for self-training.


What is the Youth Membership?

It is an offer to young people from the age of 14. The membership gives access to all classes and squash at 3T. Applies to training at gyms during staffed opening hours.


How do I enlist a friend to the gym?

For each person you earn, you get 250, – in value on your 3T value card, which you can freely use for goods and services in our receptions. The goods must be purchased within 12 months and can not be cashed out. You do not have to meet up with the one you’re working on, but the one you’re verifying must provide your name when signing up. Vervepremier can not be post-registered.


What time of day can I use ther gyms with morning membership?

Those who have a morning membership must register their membership card before 14:00. This also applies on weekends.


What discounts does 3T offer?

Family discount: Family of a existing member receives half-registration fee.

Student discount: Discounted rates for students.

Business agreements: Companies are offered favorable prices for their employees. Price depends on the number of employees that will work out.

Offshore Agreements: For customers who can document over 120 days of travel, discounted rates are offered.


When can I leave the center in the evening?

You must quit the activity and leave the training area 30 minutes before closing time. NB: When triggering an alarm you will be charged kr. 2500.


Does all 3T centers offer sauna? 

You will find a sauna at 3T-Byåsen, 3T-Leangen, 3T-Levanger, 3T-Midtby’n, 3T-Rosten, 3T-Saupstad, 3T-Solsiden and 3T-Steinkjer.


Do you sell punch cards?

No, but you can buy day pass, weekly or one months access.



Please be considerate of other members at any time during photography and filming at the gym. Photography, including selfies, is not allowed in the wardrobes.


How do the wardrobes work?

3T offers lockers in the wardrobes. Most gyms have systems using padlock. Bring your own, or rent or buy at the reception. At some gyms, your membership card is used for the lockers. The shower and sauna can be used at your request. We recommend placing all belongings, including shoes and outerwear in the lockers.


Can I use the tanning booths at 3T?

All our tanning booths have approved pipes and are regularly checked. Remember to wear goggles. These can be purchased at the reception if you do not have your own. There is an 18-year age limit on all our tanning booths. You do not have to be a 3T-member to use this service.


How does book classes?

You can book classes 7 days in advance. All you need to do is register your e-mail address at the front desk, so you can book classes in 3TS booking app or on 3t.no. If you do not have an e-mail address or access to the internet, please call or contact us directly at the reception and we will be happy to help you!


How to access the booking?

The first time you log in, use the email you are registered with as your username and date of birth (ddmmyyo) as a password. Passwords can then be changed at your own discretion.


Can you be on the waiting list?

If a class is full you can will be put on the waiting list (for classes and childcare). As soon as someone removes a reservation, you will get up on the list and receive e-mail . (We ask that you have provided us with the correct e-mail address). The waiting list is active up to 60 minutes before the hour starts. If you do not want to attend the hour, please un-book to avoid a no-show fee.


What happens if I do not show up at the pre-booked class?

If you fail to attend a pre-booked class, or cancel the hour no later than 1 hour in advance, a no-show fee of NOK 50 is charged. (This fee will be charged even if the place is vacated 10 minutes before start).


Why is it smart to log in?

When you are logged in on 3t.no, you will get a complete overview of your training, PT clips, competitions, booked classes, balance on your Pay Card and the opportunity to fill in your Pay Card account.


Can non-members get a trial period?

Call us for an appointment, then one of our receptionists or trainers can give you a tour and tell us what we have to offer! You can then take a free workout after the tour is over.


What do I do if I have forgotten my membership card?

If you have forgotten your membership card, you must contact the reception to access the center. You are obliged to use the issued membership card upon arrival. Lost or broken card is replaced with a charge of kr. 100, -. If you forget a membership card 4 times within 2 months, a new membership card must be issued to kr. 100, -. The membership card is personal and can not be used by others.