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Adam is a previous professional football player from Slovakia that have for the last 5 years been working as personal trainer. Last year he had a total of 2276 personal trainings in the chain were he was the head coach. He is PT pro with experince with professional athletes within various sports, but also regarding regular clients with need to change to or keep up a healthy lifestyle.



  • Previous professional footballplayer
  • Worked as a football coach and physical trainer for a footbll club
  • Been personal trainer for football players playing for Premier League, Bundesliga, Major Soccer League, Ekstraklasa, Slovak & Czech first league.


Other sports:

  • Been fighting amateur matches in MMA.
  • Personal trainer for proffesional MMA fighters, tennis players, handball players, and basketballplayers.
  • Personal trainer for world champion in Boccia (Paraolympia) – preparation for Olympic games

During his 5 years of personal trainer he have performed over 7000 trainings. He have wide experience when it comes to rehabiliation, technique training, dysbalances, weight loss, and hypertrophy training. During his time as a PT he have attended to over 25 different seminars and courses to expand his knowledge.

  • Trainer certificate – Level II fitness trainer – Issued by Slovak Association of Recreational Physical Eucation and Sport
  • Trainer certificate – Level IV for different sports – Issued by Slovak Association of Recreational Physical Eucation and Sport
  • EXOS Power and Strenght
  • EXOS Speed
  • EXOS Mentorship Phase 1 Course
  • DNS (Dynamic Neruomuscular Stabilization) Trainer Certificate DNS sports-course I, II, and II
  • Certified Kaatsu Specialist (the only one in Norway)


Other courses/certificates: Certificte of basic sports training, UEFA Grassroots Charter C Licence, SM system (Spiral Stabilization), Diagnostics for trainers, Fysiotherapy for sportsinjuries, Powerlifting school, Squat school, Power-lifting technique and metodic training, Post-pregnancy training, Pregnancy training, Certificate in Kinesio Taping Assessments, Fundamental Concepts and Techniques, Real Diagnostics of human body, Modern nutrition, Reaching maximum growth & strength, Functional strength/power with kettlebell