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My background of playing football (soccer), basketball, hiking, swimming, strength training and being overall active in my everyday life has helped me to choose a path in the health and fitness industry. Exercising, eating well, and living a healthy lifestyle are the components that help individuals to fulfill physical, mental, and emotional wellness. My experience and background as a trainer will help you to understand these components of health. With my knowledge, I will help you to work hard and strive to reach your goals.



  • Personal Trainer for 12 years (1 on 1, Partner & Small Group consisting of 3-6 people)
  • Coached Group Fitness Classes – Cross Training (25-35 people) HIIT (10-20 people) & Tabata
  • Coached High Intensity Boot Camp – (4-8 people)
  • Olympic Lifting (Hang Clean, Power Clean, Snatch, Clean and Press)
  • Proper Deadlift & Squat Technique
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Olympic Rings
  • Balance, Flexibility & Coordination Training
  • Rehabilitation Training
  • Experience in training with Battle Ropes, Sand Bags, Tire Flips & Prowler



  • Masters of Science in Physical Activity and Health – Specialization in Movement Science
  • Bachelors of Science in Recreation Management- Specialization in Fitness (USA)
  • Certified Personal Trainer in American College of Sports Medicine
  • Olympic Lifting Course (SATS Academy)
  • Olympic Rings Course (SATS Academy)